About Us.

Our Story

      Uncle D’s Grill was born out of love and respect for a humble backyard cooking style. Owner, Ira Barry, grew up in Chicago, surrounded by family. From a young age, Ira had a love for “good food” and shared an interest in grilling with his Uncle, Eldevon “Uncle D” Malcolm. Shadowing led to instruction, and ultimately, Ira perfected his real wood, slow-smoked grilling techniques. His “Low and Slow” method,met with a desire to bring quality meats and ingredients to the table, create the staple style of the Uncle D’s Grill menu.  

    The passion of grilling was also shaped by memories with family around the grill. The spirit of Uncle “D” is the foundation of the restaurant’s mission to welcome everyone to a casual dining experience with music, community, and quality food. The small business, family operation focuses on fulfilling the idea, “Quality Comes First”, building a brand of quality food and an authentic meal experience. We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers as they take time to truly enjoy our menu and feel part of the Uncle D’s Grill “family”.

    On April 2021, Uncle D’s Grill opened and introduced Chicago-inspired smoked BBQ to the Southern Maryland market, proudly presenting menu items including ribs, rib tips, chicken wings and thighs, hot and mild sausage links, fresh fried fish, shrimp and more! 

Ira Barry

Founder / Head Chef

Inspired By Uncle D

This is Uncle D! He was a great man, an inspiration to many, and he was always willing to share his “grill master” skills during family gatherings and cookouts. The Uncle D’s BBQ Grill Team wanted to take a moment to share this photo in remembrance of the good old days with Uncle D.

When you join us here in the restaurant, know that he’s the reason why you will always find oldies but goodies music playing, positive vibes, and good BBQ. He’s not with us anymore but his memory lives on.

Our Core Values & Food Policy

Uncle D’s Grill is dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food and service. Serving Chicago-inspired “low and slow” smoked barbecue and welcoming all to an authentic, casual dining experience. Come in as a guest and leave as part of the Uncle D’s Grill family!